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Great Currency Exchange Rates for the American Dollar*

Are you thinking of visiting Whistler from the United States soon? Since early 2015, the currency exchange between Canada and the United States has been remarkable. Visitors from the United States have been able to effectively get a 30% to 45% discount depending on when they travel. Lately, the currency exchange rate is floating around $1.00 USD = $1.30 CAD. This exchange rate can't last forever, so make your plans to visit soon! Feel free to use the currency exchange converter below to see the current exchange rate.

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Where to Exchange Money in Whistler

Currency can be exchanged at all Canadian banks or credit unions in Whistler.

Whistler banks / credit unions:

Making Purchases in Whistler

Whistler, as the number one resort in North America, is used to receiving visitors from around the world. Because of this, most major credit cards are widely accepted by virtually all Whistler businesses. The most common credit cards accepted include Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Ask your credit card company before you arrive if the best exchange rate you can get may be to use your credit card for most purchases. This is often but not always, the case.

Bank cards, including debit cards, can be uses to make purchases at Legends (and other Whistler hotels), restaurants, retail outlets and activity providers. You can also withdraw money in the form of Canadian currency from banks or credit unions including most ATMs.

Taxes on Purchases in Whistler

The amount of taxes visitors must pay on purchases ranges between 7% and 15%. Residents of countries outside Canada can apply for refunds on taxes paid in Canada. This refund is a very straightforward affair, that involves you saving your receipts and then filling out a form as you leave Canada. Typical tax rates are as follows: 7% Provincial Sales Tax (PST) / 8% PST for accommodations. 2% Municipal Regional District tax. Additionally Federal 5% Goods & Services Tax (GST) is charged on virtually all good and services. The GST is very similar to the VAT in the EU. It exists in the United States as well but is "hidden" as it is paid for by the manufacturer. 

Tipping in Whistler

Tips or service charges are not typically added to your bill for services. A tip of up to 15% to 20% of the sub-total (before taxes) is typically for waiters, waitresses, barbers and hairdressers, taxi drivers, etc.

At hotels, airports and railway stations, bellhops, doormen, etc. are generally paid $1-$2 per item of luggage.

About Canadian Currency

The Canadian dollar is the national currency of Canada including Canada's 10 provinces and 3 territories.

Canadian Bank Notes

Bills are printed for the following amounts: $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $1,000 (not common). While American dollars are green Canadian bank notes are brightly coloured and are therefore easy to distinguish from one another. You'll find that $20 bills are most often dispensed from the ATMs here, just as they are in the United States. Although there are differences, you'll also find many similarities between our two currencies.

Canadian Banknotes 2017

Canadian Coin Currency

Coin are minted for the following amounts: 1¢(Penny), 5¢(Nickel), 10¢(Dime), 25¢(Quarter), 50¢ (not common), $1(Loonie) and $2(Toonie). People actually do call the one dollar coin the "Loonie" — It is named after the bird on the coin.

Canadian Coins

Virtually all businesses in Whistler accept US dollars. (US dollars are accepted by many Canadian businesses, especially those located near the Canada / US border.) While exchange rates offered by Whistler businesses may vary most businesses exchange at the current rate suggested by Tourism Whistler.

*  please note that currency exchange rates are subject to change