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Rent Motorcycles and Ride to Whistler

Looking for an exciting way to travel to Whistler from Vancouver? How about renting a motorcycle and enjoying the scenic drive up into the mountains.

Breathe in the crisp mountain air as you journey along the Sea to Sky Highway. This 270 km ride will take you along the Pacific Ocean before you head up through the Coastal Mountains. Motorcycle enthusiasts love the Sea to Sky Highway and it’s sure to leave you with an unforgettable experience. Looking to ride Highway 99? Cycle BC is happy to provide travellers and locals with rentals so that they can complete their Whistler journey. You won’t be sorry after you take the journey from Sea to Sky.

Trying to host a motorcycle event? Whistler Creekside is a fantastic place to host motorcycle shows, rallies, and more. Plan an overnight trip with friends and stay at one of Lodging Ovations 3 properties; Legends, Evolution, or First Tracks Lodge. Group of 20 or more? Feel free to get into contact with our group sales department for special group rates at 604-935-7003.

Motorcycle Rental Information

If you’re serious about renting a bike and making the trip you’ll want to head over to Cycle BC. Cycle BC Rentals offers Canada's largest selection of rental motorcycles, featuring a big variety of different machines. Rent a classic cruiser, refined sport tourer, or adventure bike, they are sure to have something you’ll want to hop on. Cycle BC also features a number of different sized bikes to accommodate novice and professional riders.

Viewpoints & Stops of Interest

Rated as one of the most beautiful stretches of road to drive in the world, the Sea to Sky Highway offers spectacular views at every turn. Enjoy coastal views as you drive up the coastline past the Howe Sound and into the mountains. Then you’ll make your way up into the Coast Mountain range on your way to Whistler. There are plenty of incredible viewpoints and stops along the way that have become popular places for motorcycle enthusiasts. Here are the more notable places to stop:

Lions Bay

Lions Bay is situated about 10 kilometres north of Horseshoe Bay. This small coastal community full of artists, writers and musicians is set between the coastal mountains and Howe Sound. Featuring picturesque views and a marina, it makes a pleasant place for a short stop.

Porteau Cove

The next stop along your way to Whistler is Porteau Cove. Although it does not have a great deal to offer in terms of attractions, it is still an ideal place to stop and take in your surroundings. Porteau Cove is a Provincial Park featuring a number of facilities and activities to appeal to the outdoor enthusiast. Including; camping, a boat launch, a picnic area, windsurfing and scuba diving to name a few. Visit the BC Parks website for more information.

Britannia Beach

Britannia Beach is famously known as a mining community that was established to support a copper mine. The mine was shut down in 1974, however, in its place is the BC Museum of Mining. Stop in and take an underground tour and pan for gold at this historic landmark. While in Britannia Beach, be sure to enjoy one of the best cups of coffee BC has to offer at Galileo Coffee just off of highway 99, you won't be disappointed! Murrin Provincial Park is also located just 2 kilometres past Britannia Beach, featuring camping facilities and climbing walls.

Shannon Falls

Just before you reach Squamish you will pass through Shannon Falls, at 335 meters above the Sea to Sky Highway, they are the third highest falls in British Columbia. Shannon Falls Provincial Park  has easy access off of Highway 99 makes it a perfect location to stop for a picnic. You can also enjoy cycling, hiking trails, climbing and wildlife viewing.


Squamish is the largest community along the Sea to Sky Highway to Whistler. Located at the end of Howe Sound, it is known as the outdoor recreation capital of Canada. Squamish is famous for mountain biking and is one of the top rock climbing destinations in North America. Featuring water, mountains, valleys and so much more it is the perfect place to stop for any outdoor enthusiast.

Brandywine Falls

The final point of interest on your journey to Whistler, Brandywine Falls, is located just 11 kilometres south of Whistler. This spectacular 70-metre waterfall is not to be missed. The viewpoint also provides you with stunning views of Daisy Lake and the surrounding mountains. This Provincial Park is also a great place to enjoy mountain biking, hiking and a picnic.

For more information of Motorcycle Rentals and touring the Sea to Sky Highway visit the Cycle BC website or contact them via telephone at 1 (866) 380-2453.