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Whistler Creekside Downhill Mountain Biking Access

Legends is just steps from the Creekside Gondola. Fantastic for winter skiing and boarding – also perfect to take advantage of over 80 kilometres of mountain bike trails! Enjoy access to the lifts for you and your bike, in the most efficient way. You’ll be heading up the mountain with your bike before anyone else.

Creekside Biking Bridge

Mountain Biking for the Whole Family

Mountain biking is not just for adrenaline junkies seeking high-speed drops. The Whistler Mountain Bike Park is open to all ages and abilities. That said, mountain biking trails in the Creek Zone are for advanced and expert riders only. To get to beginner and intermediate trails, ride the Creekside Gondola to access the Fitzsimmons and Garbanzo Zones via Expressway, Lower Freight Train, and No Joke trails.

Know Your Zones - and Download if Necessary…

Get familiar with the Whistler Mountain Bike Park trail map which lists trails according to ability level, and whether or not it is a technical trail (natural obstacles and features), or a freeride trail (machine-made obstacles and features). Downloading is available on the Creekside Gondola - so beginners and intermediate bikers can get back to Creekside without tackling expert trails.

Creekside Biking Garbonzo Zone

Take it Slow

New to biking? Check out the Bike Park’s orientation guide video series, designed to get you comfortable with basic technique. And be sure to stop by the Orientation Centre in the Fitzsimmons Zone, where guides are available to answer questions about where to go, and how to ride safely.

Camps for All

Whistler Mountain Bike Park offers clinics and camps for the whole family. For adults, try Bike Park 101 – a 2-hour lesson to get you feeling comfortable to explore the park on your own. The DFX kids’ camp program is very popular, with a maximum instructor-to-child ratio of 6:1.

Gear is Close at Hand

With Garbanzo Bike & Bean bike shop (GBB) opening in Creekside for the summer biking season, the latest gear and technical clothing is available right outside your door. GBB also rents kids’ bikes and equipment. Helmets, body armour and pads are available for rent or purchase.

Creekside Biking Top of The world trail

New Creekside Trails…

The latest chapter in the on-going development of the Whistler Mountain Bike Park begins with the opening of the Creekside Gondola to mountain bikers. Recommended for advanced and expert riders only, the Creekside Gondola provides access to the Fitz and Garbanzo Zones via Expressway, Lower Freight Train, and No Joke. See Creekside Expansion.

With the Creekside Gondola opening for bike park access on June 16th, it’s time to get ready to hit the trails. Hone your skills all summer until September 16th. Be sure to check for the latest updates and opening hours throughout the season. Happy Biking!

Photo Credits: Dave Steers