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Leave the Wallet at Home: 3 Free Creekside Activities

3 Free Family Activities in/near Creekside This Summer

It is easy to spend a fortune in Whistler. That article would be so easy to write it’s almost funny. But trying to find fun, family-friendly things to do for free? That takes a bit of research and planning. If you are planning your stay, do take a bit of time to think out how to have a great time without breaking the bank. No matter what your circumstances, you’ll feel much better for it. No one, (well, almost no one) enjoys that feeling of being with kids and suddenly, with no advance warning, your bank account has been emptied.

Luckily, Creekside is an incredibly kid-friendly place, and there are lots of options for things to do that won’t feel extremely overpriced and are well worth it.

There are even a few free options.

Alpha Lake Playground and Park

This is the classic playground near Creekside. The beach is lovely, and there is also a picnic area, grassy play area and playground. Literally a five-minute walk from Creekside.

Sea-to-Sky Trail Nature Walk

The Valley Trail is now part of the much longer Sea-to-Sky trail. You can pack a snack and a sweater and be off, walking for the entire day. You can go from playground to playground and stop for lunch or a snack along the way. You can even take off on well-marked trails branching out from the Valley trail along the way for a bit more of an adventure.

Alexander Falls (a bit of a drive)

It is a bit of a drive, but worth it! Alexander Falls is a short drive past Whistler, along a lake. You will not be disappointed.