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Although males are allowed to participate, Mudderella events are designed by women for women. They are not competitive races but about people coming together to overcome obstacles and having fun. They are world class 8 to 12 kilometre muddy obstacle courses that include 12 to 15 obstacles.

Mudderella in Whistler

Every Mudderella course is different and organizers are always looking for new challenging and fun obstacles. Some of their current obstacles are:

  • Squeaky Clean - Mudderellas must crawl through a tunnel of suds
  • The slider - Mudderellas slip down a chute filled with water 
  • Skinny Jeans - Mudderellas crawl through narrow tunnels 
  • Tough Tatas - Using a rope Mudderellas must climb up one side of a wall and back down the other side 
  • New Heights - With no rope Mudderellas climb up the side of one wall and back down the other side, teamwork is a must in this obstacle 
  • I got Your Back - One Mudderella will carry her partner halfway through this obstacle, then switch places, and let the other carry her the rest of the way
  • Hay Girl Hay - Mudderellas must scale a hay bale mountain 
  • Ground Hog Day - Mudderellas climb through underground muddy tunnels
  • Dirty Downward Dog – Using any yoga pose Mudderellas must move across parallel walls 
  • Balancing Act - Mudderellas must dance their way across uneven beams
  • Wheels in Motion - Mudderellas swing from tire to tire to make it across without falling 
  • Break the Glass Ceiling - Mudderellas crawl under netting to make it up a hill
  • Hat Trick - Mudderella’s must trampoline onto a cargo net, climb up a wall and then shoot down a slippery slide into a muddy pool
  • Down to the Wire - Mudderellas crawl through mud under wires set close to the ground 
  • Ain’t No Mountain High - Mudderellas must trample through some of the thickest mud on the planet

Sounds like some muddy fun! Click here for a map of Whistler's Mudderella course. 

Our Lodging Ovations Sales team is set to participate in the first ever Whistler Muddrella this coming Saturday. They are prepared to get wet, muddy and to work together to complete the obstacles as a team.

Good luck to the team, we will be rooting for you!

To register for Mudderella click here. 

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