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This Is Whistler: How It Got Here & Where It’s Going

Whistler has been a special place to people for a long time, and for a good reason. The incredible terrain provides outdoor enthusiasts with a tantalizing playground of forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, glaciers, cliffs, and trails to explore. Whistler’s powerful landscape commands attention from it’s viewers, with towering peaks draped in pristine white snow and a never-ending blue sky above it all.

Whistler Blackcomb History

Whistler’s natural beauty has long been it’s drawing force, calling skiers, snowboarders, photographers, filmmakers, and artists into the mountains for inspiration. There’s something about Whistler that gives you the feeling of freedom and endless possibilities that can only be achieved deep into nature. If you’ve ever looked out at the Coast Mountains from atop Whistler or Blackcomb at the vast surrounding landscape littered with massive glaciers and snow-laden peaks, you’ve felt the sweeping power of the mountains take over.

It’s these feeling of awe and inspiration that have helped turn Whistler into what it is today – the number one all-season resort in North America. Whistler wasn’t always the premier resort it is today, it’s taken decades of passionate people and hard work to create the truly magnetic vibe that it boasts now.

Take a look at this 30-minute video from The Ski Channel that tracks Whistler’s growth from a single dirt road to hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics with Vancouver. Get a glimpse at some of the people that helped shape Whistler early on in it’s history.

And, the amazing story of Whistler Blackcomb doesn’t stop there. This year, Vail Resorts has announced a momentous investment of $66 million into Whistler Blackcomb development and upgrades. This investment is set to add new gondolas, infrastructure updates, and accelerate the Whistler Blackcomb Renaissance Plan. It seems like only a short time ago whistler was fighting for a bid at the Olympics and now it’s leading the way in premier resort expectations.

Whistler Accommodations

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Photo Credit: Justa Jeskova