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Environmental Education for Kids in Whistler: Be AWARE

It’s not surprising that a spectacular place like Whistler would have its own home-grown environmental advocacy group – and a well organised, well-educated, and vocal one at that.

Whistler Kids Outdoors Nature Camps

AWARE: A Long History Advocating for Whistler’s Environment

AWARE (Association of Whistler Area Residents for the Environment) has been around since 1989 and has been involving kids in environmental sustainability since those early days. Since 2007, AWARE has sought to teach kids environmental-sound basics through its Kids’ Nature Camps, within the beautiful natural environment of the Whistler valley.

Programming for Kids: Getting Locals and Visitors Involved in Environmental Issues

AWARE staff have plenty of programs and events on offer to entice kids to get involved, be engaged, make smart choices, and to make learning fun, to boot. Their mandate is sustainability and to educate all Whistler residents and visitors (of all ages) that being environmentally savvy and respectful is essential to keeping Whistler, and everyone in it, healthy.

AWARE Kids’ Nature Club Offers Year-Round Education for Kids

Your kids can join the AWARE Kids’ Nature Club on the last Sunday of every month from 10 am to 11:30 am at the Whistler Public Library’s children’s department. The Club is aimed at kids aged five to eleven and they must be accompanied by a parent. Trained AWARE staff will lead workshops on engaging topics such as “How to Go Green” (get onto your bike, take the bus, and other ways to get going where you need to without adding to pollution), or “Get the Goods on Goods” which explores the life cycle of manufactured goods, and helps kids to understand all the resources that go into manufacturing, such as packaging, and resource extraction.

Recycle Together to Show Kids Sustainability in Action

Another great way to get your kids environmentally aware is to recycle together at Whistler’s recycling stations. The Resort Municipality of Whistler, as a result of advocacy by AWARE, has spearheaded efforts to reduce waste. Involving your kids in the separation of garbage from recyclables is a fantastic way to get your kids thinking sustainably.

Summer Break is a Great Time for Kids to Learn about Whistler’s Ecosystem

Every summer AWARE leads full day (8:30 to 3:30 pm) kids’ nature camps which focus on a different theme each week. Camps are offered every weekday throughout the summer holidays, so keep AWARE kids’ nature camps in mind for next summer. Your kids may come back from day camp as mini experts on “creepy crawlies”, animals’ ability to camouflage, and much more.

Other great initiatives that AWARE has spearheaded are Zero Waste Days, Earth Day celebrations, and Grow Whistler, which enables residents to grow their own food through community greenhouses and green spaces.

Make a Donation to Keep the Kids’ Education Continuing in Whistler!

With such high-quality educational programming for kids, AWARE welcomes financial donations. Don’t forget that AWARE’s amazing efforts in community outreach and engagement can be supported with a donation at the Nesters bottle depot.

Photo Credit: Mike Crane