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Fun Family Activities in Whistler this February

February is a busy time of the year for Whistler, and this 2018 is going to be no different. The mountains are bustling with activity, BC Family Day is coming up, and there’s plenty more happening during the month in Whistler!

Whistler Olympic Rings

Watch the 2018 Winter Olympic in Whistler

Whistler was started with Olympic dreams and they became a reality when Whistler and Vancouver hosted the Winter Olympic Games in 2010. Being a former Olympic town, there’s always an air of excitement when it comes time for the Winter Games to be played. That’s why, starting February 9th 2018, the CBC daily broadcast will be streamed live on the big screen in Whistler Olympic Plaza! Come out and cheer for Canada with your friends, family, and fellow hosers! There’s nothing more Canadian then standing out in the cold to watch some Olympic level curling.

Whistler BC Family Day

There’s no shortage of activities for you and the whole family to do this BC Family Day in Whistler. Get together with your loved ones this February 12th, 2018 and celebrate family with a variety of activities throughout town. Head to the Audain Art Museum for a special family studio session, do arts & crafts at the Whistler Library, watch the Fire & Ice Show, and so much more.

Ice Kingdom Whistler: Snow Sculptures, Slides, & a Maze

New to Whistler this year is the province’s largest-ever snow sculpture exhibition – Ice Kingdom. This literal winter wonderland will be opening on February 3rd for all to come explore 30 attractions, including a big snow maze and multiple ice slides for children! Ice Kingdom will only be open until March 31st, 2018 so you better plan your trip to Whistler quickly! There will also be food and beverages on-site, with alcohol for adults served at an extensive indoor bar in the Whistler Golf Clubhouse! Tickets come out January 26th, with a short early bird special period, you can find them, and more information about Ice Kingdom on their official website.

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Photo Credit: Mike Crane / Tourism Whistler