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Experience Whistler’s Winter Wonderland

Whistler Winter Wonderland Mountain Snow

Photo Credit: Mike Crane

Whistler is stunning this time of year, with the snow falling and the Village lit up at night, it’s a literal winter wonderland. There’s so much nature for you to take advantage of during the winter months in Whistler, from all the various winter recreational sports to the stunning beauty of the landscape around you, everything will leave you in awe.

More Snow Is On The Way

January is a great time for skiing and snowboarding. There’s currently a base of 178 cm on Whistler Blackcomb and the forecast calls for more snow coming up! Check out live webcams, weather history, climate stats, and more before you head up the mountain for the day.

Whistler’s Alpine Glow

Another truly magical part of Whistler during the winter is the phenomenon of alpenglow. Best seen throughout December and January, the months with the shortest days, alpenglow describes the sunlight, setting or rising reflecting off of the snowy glaciers, creating a beautiful radiance above the mountain tops. This can be seen all winter long at sunrise and sunset as long as the conditions are right. Whistler loves it’s alpenglow so much it’s created a few videos that showcase the occurrence, and even an article to explain the magic of alpenglow. While photographs and videos are great, nothing beats witnessing the light dancing of the slopes in person.

The Blackcomb Ice Cave

Known as one of Whistler’s 7 Wonders of Winter, The Blackcomb Ice Cave has opened once again for the season. Only accessible by skis on the Blackcomb Glacier, this icy blue chasm almost feels like staring into the eye of time itself. While Whistler Blackcomb does not want people entering the cave because of safety concerns, anyone is welcome to slide over for a look or a photo at this geologic glimpse of history.

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Best Instagram Photos of 2017

Now that 2017 has officially wrapped up, the Go Whistler Instagram account has put together the best instagram photos in Whistler from each month. This is a nice snapshot summary of each month in whistler during 2017 and really shows the talented photographers that live and visit Whistler over the year.