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Lost Lake is burrowed in old-growth forest on the lower reaches of Blackcomb Mountain.

This serene and relaxing lake is actually only a short walk from Whistler Village and Upper Village. It is best accessed by The Valley Trail from the village - The Valley Trail is the best way to get around Whistler. You can choose to walk, cycle, rollerblade or skate your way to Lost Lake.

Nearby you’ll find some of Whistler’s biggest attractions. Lost Lake Park is a short walk away from the Farmer’s Market in Upper Village. It’s also right beside Chateau Golf Course and a number of dining options. Lost Lake is a great place to bring the family after checking out the Family Adventure Zone at the bottom of Blackcomb Mountain.


If you do choose to drive to Lost Lake there are parking options available. Short-term parking is available during summer at Lost Lake on Lost Lake Road via Blackcomb Way. Day-Lots 4 and 5 are only a short stroll from Lost Lake Park and offer longer-term parking options.

Lost Lake Dog Friendly

Lost Lake is dog-friendly! Photo Credit: Mike Crane


Protection of Lost Lake

Don MacLaurin was a forester who saw the potential of Lost Lake and recognized that it needed to be protected. This was extremely forward thinking for the time as this was long before Whistler Village was built.

Loggers wanted to cut down the forest and some people had expressed strong interest in building some lakeside properties. Don MacLaurin helped protect the area from the intense logging that was happening in the nearby areas.

MacLaurin used his close connections to convince the Parks Branch to designate Lost Lake as a UREP (Use, Recreation, and Enjoyment of the Public) area. This designation meant that Lost Lake Park would be forever protected against privatization.

First Development

With the safety of the Lost Lake Park secured, people began to plan for the future. In 1980, Alta Lake Sports Club designed a future plan for a network of cross country ski trails in the area. This plan was the first step in creating the Lost Lake Park that we know today.

Whistler Lost Lake Park Map

Original plan for Lost Lake XC skiing trails.

Lost Lake In Winter

Cross-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing

Cross-country skiing is part of Lost Lake’s DNA. The original plan may not have come to fruition but nevertheless, there's still a fantastic network of XC trails on offer. Trails are generally open for skiing from mid-December to mid-March, depending on weather conditions. Ski trails are open from 8 am to 8 pm thanks to some trails being floodlit. The trails are regularly groomed and take in some scenic views of the surrounding snow-capped mountains. If you need rentals or a lesson, stop by PassivHaus and the staff will help you out!

Lost Lake Whistler Winter XC Skiing

Snow covered XC trails. Photo Credit: Mike Crane

There is a good selection of trails and something suitable for every level of skier. Beginner – Lost Lake Loop, Snowshoe Trails, Nicklaus North Golf Course. Intermediate – Lost Lake Trails. Intermediate/Advanced – Chateau Golf Course.

Whistler Lost Lake Trails Map

XC ski trail network.

Lost Lake In Summer

Lost Lake

Lost Lake is an ideal place to spend a hot Canadian summers day. The lake has crisp, clear water to swim in and a floating pontoon to jump off! The park has BBQ facilities where you can cook food with friends after throwing a Frisbee around or practicing your slack-lining skills.

Lost Lake Biking

Cycling around Lost Lake. Photo Credit: Mike Crane


Mountain Biking

Lost Lake bike trails are a Whistler classic. They are both the perfect introduction for the beginner biker and an amazing blast for more experienced riders. With 55 different trails and 34km of trails available you’ll be amazed at this trail network.

You’ll sometimes hear the trails referred to as the Zappa Trails from time to time. This is because of a lot of the trail names have been inspired by Frank Zappa lyrics and songs. These trails have some beginner friendly wooden features, rock rolls, and technical sections.


If mountain bike trails aren’t your thing, then you can still cycle the wide access trails around Lost Lake. Lost Lake Loop is a gravel path that takes you around the entirety of the lake while taking in all the best viewpoints.

Whistler Lost Lake Map

Lost Lake mountain bike trail map.


The Lost Lake trails are multi-use. This means that the trails are shared between bikers, hikers, walkers, and even trail runners. Be courteous on the trails and try to give way to riders coming downhill.