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Summer Activities for Kids in Whistler

Keeping the kids entertained all summer long can be a challenge. With an ever-growing interest in video games and Netflix, it’s important for kids to spend time playing outside and being active. Visiting Whistler during the summer is a fantastic way to get your kids playing outside during the warmer months. We have a whole host of events, activities, and attractions to keep the whole family smiling all summer long.

Whistler Family Adventure Zone

Many of our summer childhoods have memories of fairground rides and attractions. The Family Adventure Zone at the base of Blackcomb Mountain in Upper Village is a fantastic place to make new memories for you and your kids. There are a whole host of fun outdoor activities here that will keep your kids happy and active!

The Westcoaster Slide is one of the most popular attraction here. Your kids will slide down the mountainside on a sled in a large slide. The best thing about this ride is that the parents get to join in too!

Water Rollerz is one of the most interesting activities in the Family Adventure Zone. Kids climb into large inflatable balls that are floating in a shallow pool of water. They are then able to run around on top of the water and bump into their friends! There are 12 activities in total at the Family Adventure Zone, enough to keep your family entertained all day long!

Fitzsimmons Bike Park - Bike Skills Area

As we all know, Whistler is a magnet for mountain bikers from all over the world. The guys and gals in Whistler Mountain Bike Park are known for hitting big jumps and blasting down technical trails. But everyone has to start somewhere. That’s where the Fitzsimmons Bike Park Bike Skills Area beside Whistler Skatepark comes in handy.

Whistler Kids Biking Fitzsimmons

Some family time at the Fitzsimmons Bike Park. Photo - Justa Jeskova

This is the ideal place for your kids to ride a bike and improve their skills. The park features a number of rollers, wooden see-saws, beginner drops, and a wallride. The great thing about the bike skills park is that the features are so well spaced, parents can stay alongside their kids and give encouragement. The bike skills area is also completely free!

Whistler Lakeside Park

One of summers simplest pleasures is spending a sunny day beside the lake. Whistler has a whole host of amazing lakes and parks, it can be hard to decide on which one to go to! Lakeside Park in Alta Vista has enough facilities to keep the family entertained all day long.

Lakeside Park Whistler Summer Children

Lakeside Park during the summer. Photo - Mike Crane

Backroads Whistler rents out all types of watercraft for use on the lake. They have canoes, paddleboards, kayaks, and pedal boats available to rent. There is an area of the lake sectioned off so watercraft users to drift too far from the shore. This is a brilliant way to get the family out on the water this summer.

lakeside park whistler kids activities

Summer sunshine at Lakeside Park. Photo - Mike Crane

Lakeside Park also has a concession stand that sells ice-creams and drinks. Perfect on a hot summer day! There’s also a playground in the park, with a slide and swings. So no matter the age of the children, Lakeside Park will keep them busy all day long!

Vallea Lumina

Vallea Lumina is a recent addition to summers here in Whistler. Organized by Montreal creatives Moment Factory, this experience will amaze you. Set in the old-growth forest at Cougar Mountain, just a 10-minute drive north of the Village, this multimedia night walk is one of Whistler’s summer highlights. Kids under 5 go for free, 6-15-year-olds cost $35.99 and an adult ticket costs $39.99.

Whistler Family Activities Vallea lumina

The entrance to the magical Vallea Illumina - Photo Justa Jeskova

This night walk tells the story of night dust that has fallen from the sky. This night dust has lit up hidden parts of the forest and we must follow the story and the path of two ancient hikers to discover the magical area of lights.